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Dugan's Restaurant & Bar

Since 1985.

About us

Dugan's Sports Bar & Grill has been an Atlanta staple for over 40 years! Our new location is in Tucker at Northlake Mall. Featuring over 40 televisions, incredible sound system and state of the art patio space with retractable roof and windows.

Dugan's is known for bringing Buffalo Style Chicken Wings to Atlanta way back in 1979 at our first location in the Highlands area of Atlanta.

We like to say that if you ate a Buffalo Wing in Atlanta in the 80's it was probable one of ours! We also serve great burgers, tacos and nachos, fried battered mushrooms, salads and all you favorite bar grub. 

Great people - Fresh Food - Strong Drinks and Great Vibe!


As some of you may know our founder Lou Chambers came to Atlanta in 1979 from Buffalo N.Y and with him he brought Buffalo Style Chicken Wings! He took over a small restaurant in the Virginia Highlands area of Atlanta and from there he introduced wings to the south! The name that come along with the building was TACO MAC and since there was no cash to buy a new sign, he kept the name as well.

Along with being the first to bring Buffalo Chicken Wings to Atlanta, he was also one of the first to start offering a wide selection of beers from around the world people, thought he was crazy! cases of beer lined the walls of the small building from floor to ceiling! Crazy maybe, but well, it worked!!

From that success he went on to open Dugan's on Ponce, Plaza Pizza, Steverino's, JR Cricket's more Taco Mac locations, Vinnie's on Scott Blvd. Dugans In Stone Mountain, Dugan's on Flat Shoals Rd. and Old National, they were different concepts but they all featured his Buffalo Style Chicken Wings and other favorites, that is why when we say "If you ate a wing in the late 80's or early 90's it was probably one of ours!"

With all that said, if you were to ask him which location, he was most proud of, it would have to be Dugan's opened in 1985 at 777 Ponce De Leon Ave in the heart of Atlanta, just a short walk from where it all started back in 1979.

Over the years you have allowed DUGAN'S to share in some of your best moments and memories from, Wedding receptions, Birthday Parties, Baby and Bridal showers, Bachelor and Stags parties, anything and everything ... "YOU DID IT AT DUGAN'S!"

Everyday someone walks in Dugan's and tells us...
How they met their current wife or husband at Ponce.
That they had their first drink here!
About the nights they walked or crawled out of here as a college student!
They say Dugan's is the first place they bring folks from out of town.
They are proud to let the staff and folks around them how long they have been coming in!
They let us know that if they have moved away, Dugan's is the first place they come back to!
Old college friends and flings meet here with stories to share.
We hear a lot of "Back in the day I..." and "Man we used to hold that corner down!" or they ask "Do you remember that time..."

Over the years we have seen regulars move away and come back; sometimes as different people, changed by a birth of a child or a loss of a loved one, or just older! but they always find something or someone familiar here at DUGAN'S on PONCE, and of that we are especially proud.

There is a lot to be said and many people to thank for all of our success over the years. But we the management, staff and family of Dugan's know that it's you the Regulars that have really made DUGAN'S what it has been and what it will be at our new Northlake location and beyond. Hope to see you there!

Thanks Patrick Dugan & Staff-